Bottling the lightning

Harnessing the power of lightning in sales

Have you or your business ever experienced the surge and/or growth of sales out of the blue? Maybe one stormy day, your business was doing quite well, different from what you’ve expected? Well, these types of phenomenal days do occur on occasion and it’s important to capitalize on these reoccurrences.

Per say, on one summer day, you notice that there’s a great fluctuation in sales that’s abnormal to the daily time-frame. You can A) just accept the influx in customers/sales or B) investigate to find out how/why it occurred and how you can keep some retention from this influx. If you are to take route B, there’s a couple of steps that you have to take in order to ensure some retention comes out of this scenario.

1. So the first thing to identify is why this has occurred. Ask the new customers how they came about to visit. But say it in a manner where they aren’t feeling creeped out or feeling like they are going through an interrogation. It could simply be a tour group stopping by or someone posting a link to your store on social media.

2. The second step is to retain some of these customers. If you figure out the reason behind the discovery of your store, you can work up a plan to create customer retention. For instance, start off with great customer service. Show them a reason to be attracted to your business. And if they were brought to your business through social media, proceed to hand them something a little extra such as coupons/discounts/flyers. If you found that it was a just a random pot of people, do the same thing.

However, if you found them to be a part of the tour group, offer different angles. Sell these people on your town/city and also let them know that your business has the best goods and services. So if they were to visit your city again, you can have them coming back to your location versus another.

Go that extra distance to capture the bolt of lightning for your business rather than letting it slip through your fingers uncontested.


SJ Kim is a marketing tactician at iConnect POS, and he has a sound background in the retail industry. From traveling the world and now residing in Denver, CO, he looks to inform entrepreneurs of the latest updates from the tech world.