Feature Friday: How to Apply Split Payments

This week, we’re going to look at a rather simple yet very useful iConnect POS feature: splitting payment methods. There are several instances when this feature might come in handy—for instance, when a customer wants to pay their total with part cash and part credit or when a three friends want to split the cost of a bar tab. Whatever the case may be, iConnect POS makes it easy to split a ticket into a virtually unlimited number of payment methods.

For this tutorial, we’ll be using the iPad POS app, but the general flow of things will be pretty similar on any version of iConnect POS. First, we’ll want to go to the register screen and add some items to the ticket.


Our total for this ticket is $92.72 including tax. Once all the items have been added to the ticket and the customer is ready to pay, tap the “Charge” button with the total at the top.


The next screen presents you with three things: the balance on the ticket, the amount the customer is paying now, and the available payment methods for this ticket. In order to split the ticket into multiple payment methods, we need to first specify how much the customer will pay with the first payment method—in other words, what the customer is “Paying now.” So, we tap the amount to the right of “Paying now” and change it to, say, $30.00.


This means that $30.00 will be applied to the ticket with whatever payment method is selected. So, for the first payment method, let’s select “Cash.”


As you can see, a new line appears that shows which payment methods and amounts have been applied to the ticket so far. Since we applied $30.00 in the form of cash, the balance is now $62.72. Note that the “Paying now” amount will always, by default, equal the same as the balance. This is because for most tickets, you’ll only apply a single payment method. Thus, making the “Paying now” amount the same as the “Balance” amount will usually speed things up.

Let’s say this customer now wants to pay part of the remaining balance by check (kind of unusual, but bear with us!). We’ll now change the “Paying now” amount to $40.00 and tap the “Check/Money Order” payment method button.


As you can see, a “Check/Money Order” payment method has been added to the ticket for $40.00, reducing the balance on this ticket to $22.72. To complete the transaction, let’s say the customer pays the remaining balance by credit card on our external terminal. The “Paying now” amount already equals the remaining balance by default, so we don’t need to edit any numbers—all we have to do is tap “Credit Card (External Terminal).”


The balance has now reached zero, allowing you to tap “Complete” to close out the ticket.


As with any ticket, the final screen shows the change due and allows you to print and/or email the customer a receipt.

You can use this technique to split a payment into multiple payment methods or between multiple payees. Just remember to change the “Paying now” amount before hitting the payment method you wish to apply. Once the balance has been brought down to zero, you can close out the ticket, and your customer can go on his or her merry way.

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