Feature Friday: How to Redeem Customer Memberships

For last week’s Feature Friday post, we showed you how to create and sell a membership to customers in the iConnect POS system. This week, we’re going to go over the other half of the membership functionality: redeeming memberships.

In order to redeem a membership for your customer, you’ll first need to have products and/or services in your system that allow for payment by membership balance. In order to make a product/service payable by membership, you need to switch the “Pay by membership” option to “ON” when creating or editing a product/service. We’re going to create a new service called “60 minute massage” and switch the “Pay by membership” option to “ON.”

Screenshot 2021-09-10 11.42.35

You might notice that we have also given this product a special price for customers with a membership by specifying that price in the “Member price” field. Once you’ve created or edited your membership product/service, click “Save.”

Next, we want to sell the special new membership service to our loyal customer. Go to the “Register” screen as you would to make any ordinary sale, and choose the customer by searching for him or her. In our case, we’ll choose the customer named “New Customer” to whom we sold a “VIP Membership” last week. Once you’ve chosen the customer, add the membership product/service to the ticket. In our case, we’ll choose the “60 minute massage” we just created.

Screenshot 2021-09-10 11.56.44

Notice that the service’s price is the discounted $120 member price that we specified in the product/service creation screen. This is because New Customer is a member. You can also add other products/services (whether they have a member price or not) to the ticket. When you’ve added everything the customer wishes to purchase, click the “Click to pay” button, and the payment methods screen will appear.

Screenshot 2021-09-10 11.56.58

Because New Customer is a member, the “Membership” payment method appears as an option on this screen. For this example, we’re going to have New Customer pay the entire total with the membership balance by clicking the “Membership” payment method.

Screenshot 2021-09-10 11.57.05

The next screen will show the member ID of the customer, which you can check against your own records if you wish. If everything looks good, click “Pay” to close out the transaction.

To ensure that the purchase amount was deducted from the customer’s membership balance, let’s go to our customer database and click the letter “N” in the index on the left hand side to find New Customer. If we click on New Customer’s name, all of the customer’s details will appear on the right hand side of the screen, including membership balance.

Screenshot 2021-09-10 11.57.31

As expected, New Customer’s membership balance is now $80 ($200 minus the $120 purchase). This means that this customer has $80 in membership credit to spend for the rest of the duration of the membership.

It’s important to remember that only those products/services that you mark as “Pay by membership” can be purchased using the membership balance. Additionally, if you wish to give your customers an incentive to purchase a membership, you’ll probably want to make sure that all “Pay by membership” products/services are given a discounted “Member price.” This will encourage new customers to purchase memberships at your business and returning customers to continue renewing their memberships for years to come.

Also, remember that although our tutorial is based on the web interface, you can also sell and redeem memberships through the Windows, iPhone, & iPad POS systems. Just follow the basic instructions, and most of the time, all you’ll have to do is replace the word “click” with “tap”!

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