iConnect Launches First Windows 10 Compatible Mobile POS App

Last week, iConnect founder Subodh Gupta and Director of Sales Ryan Hicks were in Orlando for Microsoft’s annual Worldwide Partner Conference. This year’s WPC was a special one for our team because it included announcing the launch of iConnect POS for Windows 10. This makes iConnect POS the first ever Windows 10 compatible mobile POS app. We believe that this is a huge step forward for Microsoft POS systems, as most companies in the industry have focused primarily on developing POS solutions for web or iOS platforms up to this point.

By designing and developing a Windows 10 version of iConnect POS, we aim to make mobile POS more versatile than ever before. Windows still holds the title as most-used operating system in the world, and we want to bring the same cloud POS technology that iOS users have enjoyed for the past four or five years to Windows users arond the world. Reliability and scalability are also factors that we considered in the decision to develop iConnect POS for Windows. Because of Microsoft’s long history with enterprise systems and technology, Windows is still the #1 operating system for large-scale businesses. With robust back office tools, multi-location functionality, and APIs that interface with existing enterprise software, iConnect POS is specifically designed to work with franchises, chains, and corporate businesses. In these sorts of situations, a Windows POS is ideal for smooth deployment and future growth.

Features specific to Windows 10 will also enhance the functionality of iConnect POS on Windows devices. Windows 10 aims to provide users with a more seamless experience between mobile and desktop devices, which will make using iConnect on multiple devices feel even more natural than it already does. Users will be able to access all features of the application—including front office functions like the register screen as well as back office functions like the business intelligence screen—from any Windows 10 device. This means, for example, that a store employee could make sales from a smartphone device, a manager could receive and input inventory from a tablet device, and an upper-level VP could run any number of reports from a desktop computer all from the same application: iConnect POS.

At the end of the day, iConnect POS aims to be a mobile point of sale system that gives its customers the freedom to choose their devices and operating systems, while still enjoying the beauty and simplicity of mobile, cloud POS technology. Windows users have been left behind in this realm of business software, and we hope to change that starting with iConnect POS for Windows 10.

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Ben Taylor is a Marketing Specialist at iConnect POS and has been with the company since day one. When he isn't telling the world about the benefits of cloud-based POS technology, he's probably playing video games or reading a good book.