iConnect Adds Microsoft POS to List of Platforms

iConnect Partners with Microsoft to Bring Integration with Next-Generation Windows 10 Technology

iConnect has partnered with Microsoft to provide a next generation mobile point of sale platform that will be the first of its kind to run on Windows 10. This partnership is the latest chapter in the development and growth of iConnect POS as both a company and comprehensive point of sale solution, and it aims to increase the functionality and improve the compatibility of the iConnect system for Windows users around the world.

The primary goal of the newly secured partnership is to enable the iConnect design and development team to integrate iConnect POS with the next generation of Microsoft computing technologies. First and foremost, iConnect will be updated for Windows 10—which is set to launch later this month—making it the first Windows 10 compatible POS application in the world. The update will include design and functionality changes in order to match the new operating system environment and provide a seamless user experience between Windows 10 and iConnect POS interfaces.

One of the most exciting benefits of this Windows 10 compatible update will be integration with Microsoft’s new intelligent personal assistant, Cortana. A number of voice commands will allow users to retrieve sales data, inquire about inventory levels, make stock transfers between stores, and much more by simply speaking a few words to their Windows devices. The sophistication of voice recognition and AI is now at a level where receiving results from a typed search query will actually take longer than receiving the same results from an intelligent personal assistant like Cortana. Through Cortana integration, iConnect hopes to increase the efficiency and intuitiveness of its Windows POS app for current and future users.

Since its inception, iConnect has focused on providing businesses with the data and key metrics needed in order to grow and succeed. With the help of Microsoft, iConnect will take this focus on reporting to the next level by integrating the Windows POS app with Power BI, a business intelligence tool from Microsoft that transforms raw numbers into beautiful data visuals. Power BI pulls data from external services and applications—such as Google Analytics, MailChimp, Salesforce, and Excel—and displays this data in easy-to-read charts, graphs, maps, and figures on a dashboard-like Windows 10 application. iConnect POS will soon be fully integrated with the Power BI API, allowing iConnect users to feed data from their POS system to Power BI for even further customization of data visuals and organization. This is extremely useful for business owners who use iConnect POS alongside other business applications and would like to aggregate data from all of these applications into a single dashboard view.

As mentioned, Windows 10 still has yet to launch, so this is just a taste of what’s to come with iConnect’s Windows POS app. The iConnect team is excited to be partnered with such a huge industry leader and innovator like Microsoft and is confident that it can bring the beauty and simplicity of cloud-based mobile POS technology to Windows lovers everywhere.


Ben Taylor is a Marketing Specialist at iConnect POS and has been with the company since day one. When he isn't telling the world about the benefits of cloud-based POS technology, he's probably playing video games or reading a good book.