Protection for your credit information

Information protection

iConnect on the iPad

With the recent discovery of  Square’s security flaws, we’d like to mention that we take safety as one of our highest concerns. Our software was developed with strong encryption that makes it unfathomable for hackers to phish customer information. Credit card information will never be stored on a device and our partners take big precautions to ensure that this never happens.

And to further our safety measures, we have an integrated payments feature that allows for many other forms of payments besides cash and credit.

Alternative payments

The migration to EMV will soon be set in stone in the U.S. in October of this year. We took initiative a year ago to onboard this form of payment security to iConnect POS. EMV is a stronger form of credit card protection that exclusively allows payment through a chip device (unless you have a specific card reader that can run transactions through a magstripe). We believe in card protection and this is a great way to encrypt your card against fraud. It also provides a convenient way to pay using your credit card.

Another great way we try to secure your business from fraud is by accepting mobile payments. This new way of payment is becoming increasingly popular with the launch of Apple Pay and Samsung Pay. These 2 tech giants are on the forefront of securing your money and the way you pay as a customer. The two companies have engaged in biometric systems that ensure your devices and payments can only be accessed by you. With this type of technology, they have taken an extra step in ensuring protection. iConnect has already integrated a system that accepts these forms of mobile payments and will continue to explore other options of safety.

iConnect POS will continue to ensure our users with access to the safest forms of protection when it comes to payments.


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