iPad POS

Accept payments and power your business in one easy-to-use iPad app. Connect with hardware including drawers, receipt printers, and scanners.

Point of sale has never been so beautiful.

A simple-to-use iPad POS app with features robust enough to suit any business.
iConnect POS is fast, clean, and natively developed for iOS.

Take charge of your register.

Sell more. Do less.

iConnect’s iPad POS app combines Apple’s user-friendly iOS platform with robust point of sale functionality. The intuitive design of the app makes punching in a sale or return feel natural, which will keep lines moving, sales flowing, and customers smiling. :)

Accept payments now.

Cash, card, or…

We believe in the freedom to pay how one chooses. As long as you’re making the sale, customers should have the freedom and convenience to choose their preferred payment method. That’s why the iConnect iPad POS system allows for cash, check, credit card, store credit, and gift card payments. We even give you the option to allow your customers to pay later—use at your own risk!

Customize digital & physical receipts.

Connect has built-in touchscreen signature functionality, and all signatures are stored securely in the cloud with their receipts.

Go green by choosing to email or text message receipts to customers, or keep it old school with a number of compatible receipt printers.

Never miss an appointment.

The most robust appointment booking features on an iPad.

Book appointments, view schedules, and seamlessly check customers in and out of their appointments directly from iConnect’s iPad POS. Set up online booking to integrate directly with your website, allowing customers to book appointments on your website through the iConnect system. Appointments sync to all iConnect cloud POS applications, so you’ll always be two steps ahead of the day.

Connect with your customers.

Track customer preferences & behavior to help increase satisfaction.

Customers are the bread and butter of every successful business. Use iConnect to better connect with the people who you serve, sell to, and interact with everyday. View, add, or modify customer information on the fly, and view all customer data—including past/upcoming appointments, previous transactions, and pictures—right from your iPad. You can even say hello with an email, text message, or phone call directly in the iConnect app.

Make iConnect fit your business.

Hundreds of customizable features.

No two businesses are alike. That’s why the iConnect iPad POS app allows you to customize and configure your point of sale system just the way you like it. From technical aspects like changing the currency and time zone to design choices like setting user interface colors and adding your logo, you’ll feel right at home when you use iConnect.

Track & manage everything.

Enterprise-level back office functionality without the learning curve or price tag.

iConnect provides more data about your company than you probably knew existed. We’ve done the hard work and organized it all for you into over 55 easy-to-digest reports, charts, and graphs that go wherever you and your iPad go.

We know that having the products your customers want is vital to your success. With the iConnect iPad POS app, you can run inventory reports, adjust stock quantities, and change prices all with a few simple taps.

Let us show you how.

Getting started is a breeze.

Avoid the headaches of learning a new POS system. Our short, simple tutorial videos will quickly help you and your employees get up to speed with iConnect. Watch them right on your iPad wherever and whenever you want.

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