iPhone POS

Turn your iPhone into a full functional point of sale platform. Experience true mobility with the iConnect POS iPhone app.

A truly mobile point of sale system.

A fully functional iPhone POS app that goes wherever you go.
iConnect POS is fast, clean, and natively developed for iOS.

A cash register that fits in your pocket.

Smarter, faster, mobile.

Almost every part of your life is on your phone. Friends, family, calendar, grocery lists—you name it. So why not run your business from your phone with a full-featured point of sale app? iConnect packs robust functionality into a truly mobile iPhone POS system, allowing you to quickly sell products and receive payment no matter where you happen to be at the moment.

A better way to book appointments.

Looking at your personal calendar on an iPhone feels natural, and we’ve applied this same principal to iConnect iPhone POS. View your calendar or your employees’ calendars to find the perfect opening for a customer, increasing efficiency and boosting the number of appointments you can fit in a day.

Don’t wait until you’re back at your desk to add an appointment to your books. Add new customers and appointments, edit or cancel existing appointments, move appointments around by tapping and dragging, and start managing your calendar in a way that just makes sense.

Take your customers with you.

Know your customers by name.

The iConnect iPhone POS app makes customer relationship management easy. View, add, or modify customer information just as you would from the Contacts app on your iPhone. Contact customers via phone, email, or text by simply tapping on their contact info. Add notes to a customer, view a customer’s upcoming appointments, look up a customer’s previous transactions, and store pictures of a customer directly from the app. Like all iConnect data, customer information syncs to the cloud allowing you to add new customers on your iPhone and view them later from another device.

Your company on iConnect.

Customize your iConnect experience.

Point of sale experience should feel seamless. iConnect’s company settings and features are fully customizable to make the app work for your business. Business name, phone number, and address can be configured to show up on customer receipts, and nearly every feature can be turned on or off depending on your needs. iConnect is truly a POS app for everyone.

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