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POS system for vendors selling drones

When it comes to technology, iConnect knows best. This also includes the growing market for drones technology. The market for drones is fairly new and growing at a rapid rate. Drones are in high demand because it’s capable of various things that can improve our performance in daily activities. Many people use it for pleasure such as taking pictures of sceneries and landscapes. It’s also a great way to take selfies. But it’s also used in military, agriculture, and even fire fighting scenarios. Technology is always advancing in ways to improve our lives.

So with the increase in demands for drones, many entrepreneurs are going out and establishing a brick and mortar businesses selling the hardware. With that said, this industry will require specific inventory management and marketing systems for the specific clientele base.

Marketing with iConnect POS

Identification for drone shoppers is critical in establishing a business. Drones cost a lot of money and many people are wary of spending that much on robotics. Luckily, iConnect POS is capable of sending the right messages to the right customers of a brick and mortar drones store. iConnect offers a bundled solution that can be used to market to the right people on a list. Whether it’s offering a special deal or campaigning an event, you’ll have the ability to do so with the marketing system that’s integrated in the software.

Inventory for drones parts.

Since drones consist of many different components (hardware and software), it’s only going to be necessary to keep inventory and track of all the parts. It’s no secret that robotics fail from time to time on both ends, which is why customers will require new parts to fit the drone frames from time to time. Sometimes, it’s hard to memorize all the parts especially in this scenario where components can vary in size and similarities. Luckily, iConnect POS has an intelligent inventory system that integrates pictures to specific items. This will allow users to always keep track of what products are on hand and what they look like so it’s easier to manage and locate.

Give iConnect POS a try and see if it fits your drone store business.



SJ Kim is a marketing tactician at iConnect POS, and he has a sound background in the retail industry. From traveling the world and now residing in Denver, CO, he looks to inform entrepreneurs of the latest updates from the tech world.