Merchant Of The Month: Granny Scott’s Pie Shop

Q&A with Granny Scott’s Pie Shop

Granny Scott’s has a tradition, and the tradition is to make authentic personalized pies. See, with pies, it’s not like baking an ordinary dessert. Pies require something extra; love and passion. Without those two things, it’s difficult to craft a work of art like they do over at Granny Scott’s Pie Shop. Ranging from apple pies to Michigan Cherry Almond, they have a variety to meet your niche. And being founded in 1994, they have over 2 decades worth of baking experience under their belt.

With such high demand for pies from Granny Scott’s, owners Larry and Roxie Green required a POS system to maximize their business. So we sat down with Larry to learn more about his business and experience with iConnect’s iPad POS system.

granny scott's pies


SJ: Larry, can you tell us a little about Granny Scott’s?

Larry: Sure, it’d be my pleasure. Granny Scott’s was established in 1994 with the mindset of delivering exceptional pies to customers. We believe in older traditions of creating every single bit of the pie from the dough up. We import every ingredient that goes into the pie from the highest quality of places. We aren’t in the business of mass producing. We are in the business of hand making high quality products.

Pies in dock


SJ: How is Granny Scott’s Pie Shop different from other handmade pies?

Larry: Well, there aren’t any other pie shops (joke). But unlike other pie shops, Granny Scott’s literally bakes every single pie with exceptional quality. We hand-make our dough, whipping cream, butter, and use fresh fruits from organic farms. There are machines which are capable of making most of these ingredients but we prefer the traditional way of hand making the whole pie.


SJ: Do customers ask for custom pies?

Larry: We fulfill custom orders all the time.

Customers always walk in with recipes that are out of this world. One time, we had a customer who wanted a specific huckleberry pie and had shipped out huckleberry’s from Kansas. We took her recipe and fulfilled her request. It was neat to work with ingredients we’ve never had a chance to mess around with prior to this order.

Regardless, from simple to complicated, Granny Scott’s will try anything once for customers to make the pie of their dreams.


granny scott's using the iConnect iPad POS


SJ: What led you to iConnect POS?

Larry: Well, Granny Scott’s started out with a basic register system back in the 90’s. It was a basic hunk of junk that could essentially do the very basics. We then transitioned over to a computer based point-of-sale system. But we quickly learned that once it goes down, our whole POS operation goes down. And that was a very bad thing. So in the past few years we started looking into 6-8 different iPad POS systems including Square and Revel. But iConnect POS offered the best solution on the iPad for our business and had the customer service to meet our satisfaction.


SJ: What feature(s) do you find useful on iConnect POS?

Larry: It most definitely has to be the gift cards and rewards feature. iConnect POS fulfills an all-in-one bundle without having to deal with the hassle of bringing in another 3rd party for our rewards program. iConnect also has a great back office system that generates reports on the fly. I am always in the know of my business with the cloud-based POS system.


SJ: What do you enjoy most about running Granny Scott’s Pie Shop?

Larry: Quality control. Definitely. I get to taste all of the ordered pies to make sure it meets the Granny Scott’s requirements. Also, I love and enjoy knowing our customers by first name. I love serving them exceptional quality pies to brighten up their days.


Granny Scott's home made breads



SJ: What are your goals and aspirations for Granny Scott’s Pie Shop?

Larry: Well, I am not the one looking into branching out my business any further at this age. I want to continue in providing high quality pies and letting as many people taste how good pies really are when they are baked with love and passion.

SJ: What is your favorite pie?

Larry: Hmmm, this is a tough one. I’d probably have to go with the Almond Joy Pie. It’s such a great tasting pie.

SJ: Final words?

Larry: Yeah, I just want everyone to know that pies are universally for everyone. Pies have no barriers and they taste superb. Feel free to visit Granny Scott’s Pie Shop anytime you’d like. We serve up some mean pies.




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