From the Old Till to iPad POS

Similar to the telephone, television, or computer, point of sale has undergone a major transformation due to the advancements in internet technology. The origins of point of sale (POS) date as far back as the late 19th century. The initial purpose of the mechanical cash register was to prevent theft by employees. When the cash drawer was opened the bell would ring to allow for the exchange of cash. These mechanical cash registers were rudimentary compared to today’s iPad POS systems and cloud based point of sale.

So what is POS today, and where is it all going? To the cloud of course! Internet technology now allows any smart phone or internet device to turn into a advanced cash register that can easily accept payments, quickly check customers in and out, and make sense of important business data. With your iPhone or iPad always at your fingertips, business owners now have the ability to manage important aspects of their business wherever they go.

The growth of cloud POS is explosive and the point of sale industry is now undergoing a major transformation as businesses replace traditional cash registers with advanced iPad POS systems on every countertop. iPad cash register stations streamline the checkout process, capture important customer data, and allow businesses to leverage innovative features to connect customers and keep them coming back. This ultimately translates into more sales, and greater intelligence for businesses. Cloud POS solutions offer tremendous value propositions to businesses compared to traditional cash register terminals, including a much lower cost of initial equipment and set up, innovative features like loyalty and rewards, and consolidated services such as appointment booking and inventory management. This translates into business owners and managers that save considerable time and money. What’s not to like about that?

Don’t be surprised when a customer walks into your store soon and asks if you accept mobile payments.  Don’t worry! iPad POS systems will make mobile payments a breeze.

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