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Empower your Boutique business with iConnect POS

Create the unique business you want with iConnect POS. The system was designed for boutique businesses to succeed with character and charm. iConnect POS is customizable and can handle every need for a boutique business to succeed.

Tailor your marketing

Advertise to your customers with a unique flavor and spin. iConnect POS is capable of marketing to your customers via email and/or text messaging. Create blasts that only your unique customers can enjoy.

Organize your unique inventory

iConnect POS is capable of handling mass quantities in the inventory system. Organize your unique inventory with images so you’ll never have trouble finding and locating an item in your boutique shop.

Easy to go setup

iConnect POS is easy to set up from start to finish. The system was created for small businesses to easily understand and comprehend while while using mobile devices such as the iphone, iPad, Surface, and laptops.