Fitness & Gym POS

Empower your Fitness Gym & Supplements business with iConnect POS.

Strengthen and finesse your business with iConnect POS. Pump up your revenues with a revolutionary system that revitalizes your healthy business.

Use the right blends

Use the right system to manage inventory, sales, and employees to make a joyous blend for your business. The back-office is capable of handling rigorous loads and as much inventory you’ll need for your store!

An additional supplement

iConnect POS has the power to convert the POS system into a self check-in kiosk. This allows other employees to wisely use their time on other tasks to grow your business further and stronger.

Rewarding the right way

Use the system to create a unique rewards program for your customers. Create a sale or a discount session with the iConnect POS system. There are many benefits of staying healthy so why not encourage it with a great customer service system.

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