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Empower your homeware business with iConnect POS

Create a useful tool with iConnect POS to manage your homewares store. iConnect is designed to serve all homewares business needs and requirements in order to run a successful business.

Saw off the problems

Create marketing promotions through the iConnect POS app. Customize and design promotions for your customers and blast them out via email or text messaging. Let all of your customers know about your great promotions and discounts.

Chisel down time

Create a workflow where time is managed and correctly used with a powerful POS system at your disposal. Learn how to actively manage your inventory while maintaining an active log of your SKUs.

Hammer down the numbers

iConnect POS will observe and create a database that helps document all of your past sales in a form that’s easy to manage. Create more time in your day with an automated log system that will create an easy accounting system.