5 quick fixes to improve your business presence and sales

Creating a bigger presence for sales

When you’re one of many, its hard for you to stand out; especially when your industry is over-saturated. Creative people have the ability to generate something unique but for those that are wanting some full-proof ways to increase presence of your business, we’ll be listing 5 quick fixes in getting a little more exposure.

1. Social Media to increase sales

Social media can be a hassle and a nuisance to manage at times. Some even find it to be ineffective. But that’s really not the case. Customers and fans of a business love to research online. And when they do, they’ll definitely run into some sort of social media account for the business whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Customers will be looking for it. So it’s a great option to have this readily available for your customers. Plus, most social media is free to create. Nothing beats free.

Social media can also be used as a platform to notify your customers about upcoming events and marketing material. With various options, it opens the door to leverage your strength in online presence and sales.

2. Buzz worthy interior to increase sales

Interior matters. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. The first thing a customer visualizes when walking into a business is the interior design and set up. And it usually goes a few different ways: a customer will feel amazed/indifferent/scared. And to run a successful business, we’d want to target amazing.

Once amazing is achieved, the buzz and presence will start. No extra “Shmoly” required. Customers will be sure to rave and tell others organically about how nice of a business you have. It’s happened in places like Chipotle with their minimalistic design and Smash Burger with a gourmet style fast food business.

3. Creative customer service to increase sales

Your business will require a unique customer service to create some wildfire buzz. Dressing your employees in a certain fashion wont cut it. Rather, have some props and unique figures to spice up a customer service system for your business. In doing so, you will ensure customers to spread the news and increase your business presence amongst competitors.

4. Loyalty program to increase sales

Another great way to capture audience and presence is having unique deals and loyalty programs. What if a business had some sort of lightning deal like Amazon. Have a system in place where you can relay a message to your customers to come by and “Purchase a deal that’ll never come around again.” Create urgency for your customers to shop at your business and increase sales and presence.

5. Latest technology to increase sales

Create an app for your business. Let your loyal customers feel special with an app that is dedicated for your business. This way, customers will always stay connected to your business. This has a great ability to increase sales as well.

Another great idea is to use the latest technology like an iPad POS system to show that you care about your customers. People love to shop with modern day technology because they feel more secure. They understand that your business has implemented a POS system that is more protective than legacy POS systems. This has a great percentage to boost sales for your business.

Always push the boundaries of your business to gain better results.

The iConnect POS team is passionate about innovative business solutions. Our sales, support, marketing, and development departments work together to bring customers a point of sale experience unlike any other. We hope you enjoy the bits of news and advice we share on the blog, and please let us know what you think in the comments!


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