The iConnect Register

The EMV Register The iConnect Register is the new solution for businesses looking into a smart EMV bundle. This point of sale system is ready to give you an upgrade to your business by securing with EMV capable devices. It’s been recently reported that as many as 61% of businesses are currently vulnerable and threatened […]

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Does location matter for a small business?

Business location efficiency “Location location location!” This is what all real-estate agents say when they mention a home or a business. Having a great location trumps many various factors that encompass the overall sales. When customers go shopping, they usually think convenience. Customers love shopping in an area that is located in a prime region. For instance, more […]

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Leading POS provider for Drones

POS system for vendors selling drones When it comes to technology, iConnect knows best. This also includes the growing market for drones technology. The market for drones is fairly new and growing at a rapid rate. Drones are in high demand because it’s capable of various things that can improve our performance in daily activities. Many people […]

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