Creating the ultimate experience with your mobile POS system

How to create a good experience with a mobile POS solution

Let’s say that you own a shoe or an apparel boutique shop as your business. There are many things in this scenario that we can take into account that can instantly boost a customer’s experience within the store.

Example 1

Traditional retail shops are known to have select products with a cash register system of some sort at the checkout counter. If customers have questions, they track down a sales staff and ask a question. Customers sometimes even ask if there is more quantity or size in the back which traditionally made employees go into the back to see if there is more of that item in different sizes. With a mobile POS system, this can be avoided and done at a more rapid pace. You can simply check the inventory in the mobile pos solution. This can definitely benefit a customer’s experience at your retail store.

Example 2

Another thing that can trigger a good experience for customers is showing detailed information to them with the mobile POS device. For instance, a customer can ask for more information on a certain item and you can be around to answer that question in thorough detail by looking the item up in the POS system. What this does is it creates a factual bond with the customer. If your store wanted to make an impression by signaling that you only use certain fabric and products, you can do so by showing the ingredients to your product. You can become a stronger advocate to your cause this way.

Example 3

The newer types of retail stores love to provide mobile checkouts for their customers. It may seem unorthodox but customers do love that face checkout process more than ever. As modernization keeps evolving, so does customer experience. This is a great way to improve customer experience and relations with the mobile POS solution.

A mobile POS system is your best friend at work

You have to be able to count on the mobile POS systems in many ways. So it’s best practice to start off with a superior product. Imagine your workday with an inferior mobile point of sale system. Just imagine for a second…

You’re trying to check out a customer, the system crashes. You’re trying to pull up a catalog for the customer, it crashes. You’re trying to check inventory, system crashes.

Now imagine yourself with a superior mobile point of sale system.

Employee tries to check out a customer, goes smooth and sound. Employee tries to pull up the catalog, it pops up in an instant. Employee tries to check the inventory, everything seems to be A-ok.

Do you see the difference?

Customer experience is a big deal to gaining more sales and higher reviews for your retail business. It all starts with the fundamentals and also incorporating a mobile POS solution for your store. So if you’re in the business to BOOM and grow, definitely modernize your business and give iConnect’s mobile POS system a gander. We’ll make sure that you’re business is in the position to succeed.

The iConnect POS team is passionate about innovative business solutions. Our sales, support, marketing, and development departments work together to bring customers a point of sale experience unlike any other. We hope you enjoy the bits of news and advice we share on the blog, and please let us know what you think in the comments!

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