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Debunking the Biggest Misconception About iPad POS Systems

You’ve seen competitors using an iPad POS system. It looks like a waste of time and money. After all, how can a single tablet system like this effectively manage your company’s comprehensive and complex point of sale needs?

Yet, the investment in the right modernized, fully functional iPad POS system can actually reduce your costs, improve your functionality, manage your inventory, reduce training/managing  of staff, and help you to step into the digital age of POS management. These are often the key limitations of your legacy system.

What Myths Are Holding You Back?

There are many iPad POS systems available today, and not all are the same. If you’ve taken a look at some of the older products including the first, basic framework POS systems launched for iPads four or five years ago (or even before this) then you may be missing the key functionality these systems can offer you today. Here’s what you should believe.

All-in-One Streamlines Your Business

A common myth among non-tablet based systems is that these tools are always just one component of a larger background system (much like what you already have.) This doesn’t need to be the case. Modern, highly functional systems available to you today are all-in-one tools. All of the software and hardware you need to manage your systems should be right there. This includes all of your accounting tools, the tablets themselves, the register systems, and much more. Additionally, new systems now allow for Ethernet plug-in and inputs to support more independently controlled Internet connectivity, minimizing or eliminating the need for WiFi.

These Systems Don’t Just Do Enough - They Do It All

Another common misconception is based on the back end of your business. It may seem that iPad POS systems handle seating and client interactions, but not all of your background software needs. Again, this doesn’t need to be the case. New, more robust tools give you far more control. They can handle aspects like:

  • Payment of customer checks
  • Inventory management on the go
  • Booking services
  • Employee management - from scheduling to clocking in
  • Customer management needs

Additionally, you can incorporate these systems across all of your locations for streamlined access to information. And, with this connectivity comes the ability to analyze all data instantly, from anywhere. From labor reports to comprehensive data streaming from your production line, every detail of information you need – far more that what most legacy systems offer – is at your fingertips.

There’s much more. iPad POS systems like iConnect do not require you to purchase a new iPad yourself and register it. And, you can now connect with any merchant service provider you need, not just one. Additionally, all-inclusive price helps to minimize the risk of unexpected payments later.

All of these features are available from iConnect, the leading iPad POS system designed to comprehensively put your business literally in your hand. Designed to be easy to learn, simple to manage, and ideally suited for even the most robust environments, iConnect can help your business step into the digital age with ease and efficiency.

The iConnect POS team is passionate about innovative business solutions. Our sales, support, marketing, and development departments work together to bring customers a point of sale experience unlike any other. We hope you enjoy the bits of news and advice we share on the blog, and please let us know what you think in the comments!

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