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EMV Capabilities with Cloud POS Systems

EMV capabilities are essential to nearly all companies utilizing credit card payments from customers. EMV improves functionality while significantly improving your business’s ability to meet the security needs of your customers. In short, EMV-enabled devices will read data stored on smart cards on your customer’s credit card to process payments. It’s a modern, required upgrade. But, is your organization doing enough to effectively upgrade your POS systems?

Modernization Means Improving All Aspects of POS System Functionality

As you ready for becoming EMV capable, your company also needs to focus on its ability to meet the demands of consumers across the board. To do this, the use of cloud POS systems simply makes sense. It improves your function significantly in various ways. While you work towards upgrading to meet EMV requirements, also consider moving to a system that can provide you with added benefits such as these:

  •     A cloud POS system can provide for an all-in-one design that handles not just payments, but all aspects of the needed hardware and software. This includes your employees, inventory, sales, and on-site customer management–all in one tool that’s reliable and easy to use.
  •     It’s a misconception that you must rely on WiFi connectivity to use a cloud-based system. Rather, some of the most modern POS systems provide for Ethernet plug-in and inputs to ensure a constant-on is possible. There’s little risk of losing connectivity while processing a transaction.
  •     You can utilize a service offering processing agnostic capabilities. That is, you do not have to be locked into a single merchant service provider. Not all companies and services offer this, though.
  •     The move to cloud POS systems will also help to minimize the risk of having unexpected costs arise since you can choose a product offering all-inclusive pricing; there are no unexpected monthly fee to worry about.
  •     The entire customer and sales experience is digitized. This helps you in a number of key ways. First, all of your business tasks can be accessed anywhere at any time. Additionally, unlike traditional POS systems, there is no need to worry about counting recipes or creating reports manually. All of this is done with your onboard software.

The move to EMV capability is something that most of today’s businesses need to do. However, upgrading your entire system has enormous benefits beyond becoming EMV compliant.

Let’s face it - within the next few years, most businesses will operate on a cloud-based system. If you do not move to that system now, as you work to upgrade to meet EMV technology requirements, you’ll be upgrading again later. Cloud POS systems provide exceptional benefits and features, especially when selecting a service like iConnect. As a leading provider of a robust tool that provides comprehensive support to businesses and enhances the EMV connectivity needs of most companies, iConnect is one of the most valuable upgrades your company can make today to step into the modern, digital atmosphere.

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