Feature Friday: How to Create & Sell Memberships

iConnect POS includes a built-in membership feature that allows businesses to create and sell memberships to their customers. The feature is designed to increase customer loyalty, retention, and satisfaction in several ways. First, when you sell a membership in the iConnect POS system, it creates a balance on the customer’s account that he or she can use to purchase certain products and services. When creating any new product or service, iConnect POS offers the user the option to allow customers to pay for that product/service by membership. The system also allows the user to specify a special “member price” for products and services. This price will automatically replace the default price for a product or service when a customer with a valid membership is chosen for the sale in the register. The customer can then pay for the product or service with his or her membership balance, which can also rollover beyond the normal membership period (specified by the user) if desired.

Although the membership features in iConnect POS are quite robust, they’re extremely easy to set up once you’re familiar with all the options and screens. For today’s Feature Friday post, we’re going to focus on how to create and then sell memberships to customers. This is essentially the first of two parts to the membership features in iConnect POS. The second part would be selling membership products and services to customers who are members, but we’re going to save that for next week’s post to keep things short and sweet.

Step 1: Create a new membership

Memberships in iConnect POS are just regular products with added attributes. So, to get started with creating a membership, you’ll want to access the add product/service screen by clicking “Catalog” in the left hand menu bar, then “Products & Services,” and finally “Products/Services/Kits” from the submenu.

The next screen should be somewhat familiar to you if you have added any inventory to your iConnect POS system. On the left hand side of the screen, you have your list of products, and on the right hand side of the screen, you’ll see the details of the selected product or service. At the top of the left hand side, click the “+” button and then click “Product” to begin adding a new product.

Next, start adding the membership product details. We’re going to call our membership “VIP Membership,” give it a price of $200, and assign it to the “Memberships” category. Once we’ve done that, we need to specify that this product will be sold as a membership by selecting “Membership” from the “Rental or Membership” drop down menu.

Once we select “Membership” from this list, we’re presented with a few new options:

Pay frequency - This specifies how often the membership is to be renewed. We’ve chosen “Yearly” for our membership, but you might choose monthly, weekly, or even daily.

Charge in full - This option is only for yearly memberships. If switched to “ON,” then the customer will be charged in full for the yearly membership at the time of sale. If switched to “OFF,” the customer will be charged in monthly increments for the membership over the course of the year.

Late fee - Here, you can specify a late fee for customers that do not renew their membership on time.

Late fee window - This option allows you to give customers a window of time between when their membership expires and when they renew it before they are considered “late” and thus charged the late fee specified.

Default term - This option determines how many months the membership is valid for.

Auto renew - This option specifies whether the membership will auto renew once it has expired. The customer must have a credit card on file for this function.

Allow rollover - This option allows unused membership dollars to rollover to the next membership period, whether it be daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly.

Step 2: Sell your membership

Now that you’ve created a membership product in your system, you’ll want to start selling it to your loyal customers. To do this, let’s go to the register screen.

At the register screen, you’ll need to select a customer for the membership. We’ve created a test customer named “New Customer” and added our VIP Membership product to the ticket.

Once you’ve added the membership and any other products/services to the ticket for the customer, proceed with processing payment as usual by clicking the button with the total.

To make sure everything worked, we’re going to go to the customer screen and look up “New Customer” in our customer database.

Sure enough, the customer now has a “VIP Membership” applied to their account with a unique membership ID and a balance of $200. This customer can now use this balance to pay for any products/services in your account that are marked as “Pay by Membership.” However, rather than getting into exactly how applying a membership balance to a sale works right now, we’re going to save this topic for next week’s Feature Friday post.

You now know how to create and sell a membership in iConnect POS. Hopefully you can use this feature in creative ways to offer unique value to your customers that will have them renewing their memberships month after month, year after year.

The iConnect POS team is passionate about innovative business solutions. Our sales, support, marketing, and development departments work together to bring customers a point of sale experience unlike any other. We hope you enjoy the bits of news and advice we share on the blog, and please let us know what you think in the comments!

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