Feature Friday: How to Customize Employee Services

The Booking feature is a huge component of iConnect POS. The ability to book appointments and manage your calendar has been around since day one, and there are a lot of sophisticated functions built into the Booking feature that provide users with a greater level of customization. One such function is the ability to customize services on an individual employee basis. What this basically means is that iConnect POS allows a business owner to choose which services each of his or her employees are permitted to perform and to customize various items related to each service—such as price, service time, and commission—differently for each employee if so desired. Today, we’re going to quickly go over how to customize employee serivces in the web POS version of iConnect POS. Remember, though, that you can access the back office functionality of iConnect POS in the iPad POS app by simply tapping on the “Back Office” icon in the left hand menu bar.

To begin, let’s try and book an appointment with an employee who has no services assigned to her in the system. If we click “Booking” in the left hand menu bar, we are taken to the Booking screen, which, by default, shows all of the appointments booked for today.

We’re going to click the “+” button at the top right of this screen to book a new appointment. We set the retention type to “First Visit” and selet “Ally Wheeler” as our service provider. When we go to select the service category, however, you’ll notice that the dropdown menu is blank. This is because Ally does not have any services assigned to her in the system. To fix this, let’s click “Employees” in the left hand menu bar and then “Employee services/commissions” from the submenu.

We’re now in the “Employee service” screen. To edit a particular employee’s services, choose that employee from the dropdown menu in the middle of the screen. For our example, we choose Ally Wheeler again.

Once you’ve chosen an employee, wait a few seconds, and you’ll see a new table that lists all of the services you’ve created in your iConnect POS account.

This table contains the following columns:

  • Enabled - If this box is checked, the service is enabled for the chosen employee.
  • Name - This is the name of the service.
  • Category - This is the category that the service belongs to.
  • Price - This is the service’s default price in the system. You can change this number to something different for each employee in your system.
  • Member Price - This is the service’s default price for customers who have a membership with your business. Again, you can customize this number on a per employee basis.
  • Service time minutes - This determines how much active time it takes the employee to perform this service. You can increase or decrease this number for each employee in your system.
  • Process time minutes - This determines a passive time between performing the service and finishing the service (i.e. the time it takes to process a hair dye service), during which the employee can be booked for another service. Again, you can change this number for each of your employees if you wish.
  • Finish time minutes - This determines how much active time it takes the employee to finish the service after the process time is complete. You can change this for each employee.
  • Commission - This is the commission amount (in a flat dollar rate, by default) paid out to the chosen employee for this service. You can change the service commission amount for each employee.
  • Is percentage - If you would like the number in the commission box to be treated as a percentage of the service price, rather than a flat dollar rate, check this box.

Once you’ve customized all of these items for each service that you would like this employee to be able to perform, click the “Save” button at the bottom. Note that if you have more than 20 services, you will need to repeat this process for each page of services.

For our example, we just assigned the “Eyelash” service to Ally, and edited a few of its attributes (price, service time, etc.). If we go back to Booking and choose Ally as the service provider for a new service, we can now choose the “Eyelashes” category and the “Eyelash” service for her appointment.

That’s about it. Now you can customize services for each of your employees by enabling or disabling certain services, changing the price each employee charges for a particular service, and setting the amount of time it takes for an employee to perform each service. Thanks for checking out this Feature Friday post, and as always, let us know if there are any parts of iConnect POS that you’d like us to include in future posts. Have a great weekend!

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