The Perfect POS System for Franchises

Franchise POS

Since day one, iConnect POS has been developed from the ground up with multi-location management in mind.  Gone are the days when deploying a franchise POS system was expensive and time consuming. iConnect’s cloud based infrastructure eliminates the need for servers and traditional POS support costs. The mobile technologies available today (combined with iConnect’s leading industry expertise) make deploying POS software and scaling the business easier than ever before. In this short article, I will share with you a few benefits that iConnect’s franchise POS point of sale system can bring to your management team and franchisees.

Empower the Corporate Office


Whether you are a small business with 5 locations or a rapidly growing franchise with 1500, having instant visibility and tight control over all locations through a multi location POS provides countless benefits. For this reason, we have structured our iPad POS for franchises in such a way that your corporate store becomes the “master account” that has access to all subsequent small business locations added underneath it. Pulling a report on one location, a whole region, or across all stores takes just seconds because all of the information is tracked and aggregated as the store uses the franchise POS software in real time. iConnect POS includes over 60 different detailed reports along with the ability to custom build reports for your business as the need arises.

Scale with Ease


The iConnect POS team has built a simple three step plan to implement our cloud POS system across your existing and future stores. Here is how our system works: our team will work with you to upload your products and services until your inventory is set up perfectly. This will become your “master account”. When it comes time to deploy to a new location, we replicate all store data (i.e. products, services, access permissions, etc.) to the new business location. There is no need to do extra setup work: simply submit the basic store info to us and we will handle the rest. Our team will facilitate training, hardware bundle purchase and setup, and credit card processing integration through our streamlined processes. We take the franchise POS system from account setup to “Go Live” on the desired date in three simple steps. We can get a location completely live on our POS System in under 72 hours if necessary.

Point of Sale that Franchisees and Managers LOVE


Store managers and owners love iConnect POS because it makes their lives easier. We set out with the mission of making franchise POS software beautiful and easy to use. We achieved that through our philosophy of intuitive and minimalist design. iConnect POS’s iPad point of sale for franchises combines much needed features and functionality into one system, rather than having multiple different vendors or systems to manage different aspects of the business. It delivers productivity and efficiencies that empower stores to save time, save money, and sell more.

Contact us today to discuss our POS system for franchises, see an overview of the iPad POS system, and get a detailed analysis of whether iConnect POS will be a good partner for your business. Click here for more info.


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