Franchise POS

A centralized cloud POS solution

Connect Customer Facing Apps


iConnect provides many connected customer facing kiosk apps including: self checkout, product menu kiosk displays, pole displays, customer check in, and more.

Consumer Apps

Enhance the customer experience with your own company branded app in the AppStore for your loyal customers to do things like: book appointments and orders, pay for products and services, track loyalty and rewards points, manage receipts digitally, receive push notification offerings.

Built for Franchisors AND Franchisees

Two functions, one goal: more money & more time.

iConnect is an out of the box cloud point of sale solution that empowers your franchisees with:

  • Better customer experiences
  • More sales from loyalty and marketing automation
  • Innovative industry specific features
  • Cloud connectivity
  • Quantifiable IT costs and operational savings
  • Multi-unit management and reporting
  • Business Intelligence
  • EMV and Apple Pay acceptance

A centralized POS system benefits you as a franchisor in many ways:

  • Better customer experiences
  • Launch company wide gift, loyalty, and membership programs that are built specifically for the franchise model
  • Get instant access to ALL levels of data across all of your locations
  • Generate ACCURATE royalty reports in seconds
  • Add and remove products and services across all locations with one action

Everything you need to sell anywhere. Plus…

Employee Management
Inventory Management
Email, Text Message, & Loyalty Programs
Appointment Booking
Comprehensive Reporting

Simple on the front end. Sophisticated on the back.

Open APIs for all data points, so your can pull data out of iConnect and feed it to existing back end systems.


Choose the right hardware bundle for your franchise business.

iConnect has formed a truly unique bundle to tailor fit your franchise business. With an all in one system, you’ll be able to set up and go within a few moments time. Try out this truly versatile EMV ready register today!

Credit Card Processing

Getting paid has never been easier.

  • Keep your existing processor or upgrade to one of our preferred partners
  • Our partners rock. They will match or beat your existing rates.
  • EMV and Apple Pay Ready
  • Sell memberships and recurring billings
  • Enable Credit card tokenization
  • Simple. Safe. Secure: We only work with end to end encrypted card readers


iConnect is suited for a variety of different industries, and our team is ready to custom develop solutions that go beyond what we currently offer.

Salon & Spa

Appointment booking, customer relationship management, loyalty program, and kits & bundles are just some of the features that make iConnect the ideal solution for health & beauty industry businesses.


iConnect is robust enough to handle an inventory of thousands of products, while still sleek and fast enough to increase point of sale efficiency. It’s perfect for any retail business.

Coffee Shop

iConnect excels in quick service restaurants. Coffee shop owners can use the addons feature to create custom product modifiers: for instance, extra cream or soy milk. Taking orders at the counter has never been easier.


Whether an employee-run or a self-serve, iConnect has specially-designed apps for kiosks of all kinds. Engage your customers with the Digital Product Catalog feature to make kiosk shopping a more interactive experience.

3 Ways to Partner

Approved Vendor

Name us as an approved POS for your locations

Preferred Vendor

Endorse us as your preferred POS vendor

Standardized Vendor

Implement iConnect POS chain wide to benefit the most

Consulting, Implementation, & World Class Support

Initial Consultation

An iConnect expert will consult with you to learn about your unique needs and desires. When practical, we can do an online screen share to present the iConnect product live in action.

Needs Analysis

We like to do an on site visit to study workflows, meet and interact with key personnel, and identify potential efficiencies. Based on feedback we can create a custom tailored proposal. We make point of sale hardware and credit card processing recommendations as needed.

Company Configuration

Our team works closely with your business to import your data and set up the master store account.


The iConnect team provides customized training based on your needs and workflows. Our success engineers design an specified agenda and conduct training by a recordable webinar so that you can share with other employees and staff. The iConnect team will even create branded product manuals only highlighting features and workflows that are relevant for your business.

Roll Out and Implementation

Our team works closely with your business to successfully manage a well-executed roll out and implementation using a detailed procedure and schedule.

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