Feature Friday: Generate a Report of Best Selling Products

Feature Friday is a weekly feature on the iConnect POS blog where we feature the best iConnect POS…features. Can you tell that we like features? Hopefully these articles will introduce you to an aspect of iConnect POS that you didn’t know exist or help you better understand the iConnect POS functions you’re already using daily at your business. Let us know in the comments if there’s a particular feature you’d like to see here, and we’ll see what we can do!

iConnect POS is BIG on reports.

One of the things that sets iConnect POS apart from its competitors is the quality and sheer number of reports that the system can generate. These reports give insight into several different aspects of your business, including sales, customer behavior and retention, employee performance, inventory levels, and much more.

One of iConnect POS’s most popular reports is the “Best sellers” report. This is a simple yet powerful report that will show your best selling products and services for a specified time period at one or multiple stores. Like all of the iConnect POS reports, the Best sellers report is accessible through the app’s back office, which is available on all app platforms. For the purposes of this quick guide on how to use the Best sellers report, we’re going to be generating and viewing the report on an iPad.

Keep track of your hottest products and services.

Before you generate any reports on your iConnect POS account, it’s always good practice to sync your app to ensure that all of your data is up to date (this doesn’t apply to the web POS app).Once you’ve synced your app, you’ll want to tap the “Back Office” icon in the left hand menu bar (the icon looks like a cloud).

Now, you’re in the back office section of your iConnect POS account.

To access the list of available reports, tap the icon in the left hand menu bar that looks like a bar graph. A sub menu will appear with various report categories.

The “Best sellers” report is found under “Products,” so tap that option, and it should appear as the first available option. Tap “Best sellers,” and you’ll be taken to the report generation screen.

In order to generate a Best sellers report, you’ll need to specify a few different parameters. First, a date range. You can use the “Quick Dates” to set commonly used time periods, such as “Last Week,” “To-date,” and “90 days.”

Once you’ve chosen a date range, you need to specify which locations you want the report to include. By default, this field will show the location you are currently logged into. To add other locations, tap the field and choose a location from the dropdown, or start typing the name of a location and the selection will be filtered by your search term.

Next, specify how many products to show in the report—in our example, we’ve chosen to limit the report to the top ten best sellers, but you can increase this number to show the top 100, 200, even 1,000 products.

Finally, you can tap “Advanced options” to specify a few other report criteria. You can limit the report to products and services that only earned more than “x” amount of dollars in sales, you can choose to include both products and services or just one of these categories, and you can specify how the report is sorted on the screen when it is generated. Once you’re satisfied with all the report criteria, tap “Go.”

As you can see, we’ve generated a report of the top 10 products and services at the Salon and Spa location. The report gives us the following information on each product/service: SKU, name, type, category, vendor, location, quantity (sold), discount, subtotal (of all sold), and total (of all sold). You can also export this report to an Excel spreadsheet or PDF by tapping the “Export” button just below the “Go” button at the top right.

This is just one of 50+ reports that can be accessed right within any of the iConnect POS apps. Reports like these empower business owners to make better informed decisions as they grow and adapt to ever-changing market trends and customer preferences.

We hope these Feature Friday posts are gradually helping you to become an iConnect POS power user. As always, if there are any particular features that you’d like us to highlight in one of these posts, please let us know in the comments. Have a great weekend, and see you here next week!



Ben Taylor is a Marketing Specialist at iConnect POS and has been with the company since day one. When he isn't telling the world about the benefits of cloud-based POS technology, he's probably playing video games or reading a good book.

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