How Our iPad POS Will Optimize Your Business—Big or Small

Whether you are a small business owner or a franchisee, optimization is key. You need POS hardware and software that is versatile, easy to use, mobile, adaptable and secure. Small business owners who are still using manual processes for reports and receipts can save a substantial amount of time by replacing their traditional POS machines with a system that digitizes the purchasing process. Franchisees need a system that is scalable with the ability to provide centralized reporting from numerous locations. iConnect offers an all-inclusive, customizable POS system for iPad that addresses all of these issues, and more.

A iPad POS that is perfect for both Small Business and Franchises

The iPad POS you select needs to be versatile enough to meet your specific goals no matter what the operation is or the end result needs to be. Regardless of the type of enterprise your run, the product you select must offer a simple enough design to make switching ideal. In short, the perfect solution should:


  • Provide An Economical Solution


With iConnect, there is no need for multiple vendors who charge high monthly fees: All-inclusive pricing removes concerns about unexpected monthly fees.


  • Eliminate Dependence on WiFi


An Ethernet plug-in is included with iConnect’s POS system; thus, eliminating your dependence on an unreliable WiFi connection.


  • Be Ready to Go Right Out of the Box


While many POS companies require their clients to purchase and register their iPad, with iConnect, there is no other hardware or software needed. iConnect’s all-in-one POS system includes everything you need for setup; therefore, it is functional as soon as it is removed from the box.

Our iPad POS features will optimize your Small Business

Making the job of running you business easier is also well within your reach. Not only can iPad POS systems allow you to manage your company, but they allow you to manage your business more efficiently overall by connecting every component to each other and streamlining the amount of time and work you need to do behind the scenes. The most important features to accomplish this key goal include:


  • Inventory Management


Inventory tracking with centralized, real-time reports allows you to keep track of sales; thus, reducing the amount of time spent determining which products need to be reordered. Furthermore, you can monitor your sales growth and eliminate products that are not popular with your customer base.


  • Improved Customer Experience


iConnect’s iPad POS is fully compatible with chip-and-pin (EMV) technology, allowing for fast and efficient POS transactions; thus, improving the customer experience.


  • Built-In Marketing Options


iConnect’s iPad POS provides marketing options via email and text message as well as loyalty programs that are designed to encourage repeat customers.


  • Affordable Payment Solutions


Economical payment solutions allow businesses to accept checks, cash, gift cards and credit. iConnect offers credit card flat rate processing fees that start at as little as 2.65 percent.

Our iPad POS System Provides the Consistency You Need for Your Franchise

Consistency within any business is vitally important. Your business cannot move forward without constant access to high-quality information so you can make decisions on the go that directly impact your business, your bottom line, and most importantly your customers. You need a tool you can rely on. That’s why our solution includes the tools necessary to help your company to achieve your goals in these areas:


  • Scalability


iConnect’s POS system arrives multi-location ready, which makes it ideal for franchisees who already have multiple locations and for those who plan to expand in the future.

As a new location prepares to open, iConnect’s team handles everything, including hardware bundle purchase and setup, training, and credit card processing integration. If necessary, a new location can be live within just 72 hours.


  • Cost-Effective, Seamless Deployment


iConnect allows for quick and easy deployment to multiple locations. As additional franchises open, deployment of iConnect’s POS system is practically immediate.


  • Secure, Centralized Reporting


As the POS software is used at multiple locations, this information is tracked and collected in real time.Reports for all locations are readily available in mere seconds at a secure, central location.

With more than 60 different reports and the ability to customize reports, iConnect’s POS software leaves little to be desired.


  • Standardized Hardware


Standardized hardware allows for stress-free implementation of iConnect’s POS system at multiple locations.

Companies all over the world are taking advantage of the feature rich demand system that iConnect provides its clients: Everyday, iConnect helps thousands of franchisees, franchisors and small business owners increase their revenue. To learn about the other features iConnect’s POS system for iPad provides, request your free online demonstration today!

The iConnect POS team is passionate about innovative business solutions. Our sales, support, marketing, and development departments work together to bring customers a point of sale experience unlike any other. We hope you enjoy the bits of news and advice we share on the blog, and please let us know what you think in the comments!

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