Innovative features all combined into one intuitive POS system.

Full Feature Set

Point of Sale

The iConnect cloud point of sale system is simple, flexible, & beautiful. Go mobile on smartphone & tablet devices or connect to compatible hardware for a fixed station.

Omni-Channel Sales

iConnect supports both online & offline sales. Your customers can also buy items at your store & have them shipped to their homes.


Sell memberships that can auto-renew daily, weekly, or yearly. The iConnect system even handles rollover balances, making loyal customers more satisfied than ever.

PIN-based Login

Employees can quickly login to iConnect using a unique PIN assigned to them by a system admin.

Business Intelligence

A picture is worth a thousand words. iConnect’s unique Business Intelligence feature gives you real-time reporting in the form of beautifully designed, easy-to-read graphs & charts.

Inventory Management

Track stock levels, create purchase orders, & generate reports on best (and worst) selling products & services. Always know what you have on hand & keep your customers’ favorite products well-stocked to increase satisfaction & loyalty.

Color, Size & Add-ons

iConnect’s customizable product attributes like size & color make checkouts quick & easy. You can also create add-ons that allow for upselling any product or service with the tap of an icon.

Kits & Bundles

Group products & services together in convenient kits & bundles. Set a custom price for any bundle or kit for simple, straightforward pricing at the point of sale.

Customer Management

Track transactions, appointments, & other information for customers in real time. Know your customers & market to them effectively to grow your loyal base.


Book appointments on any device, in-store & online. Send email & text reminders to your customers & service providers. No matter what your business, iConnect’s booking features cover all your bases.


iConnect is a fully scalable system—it works for 1 location just as well as 5,000. Switch between multiple locations with ease & maintain complete control of every business location, no matter where they happen to be.

Franchise/Corporate Deployment

Deploy iConnect to all your locations without the cost & infrastructure typically associated with POS software. Access special reporting, features, & controls specifically designed for large scale businesses.

Royalty Reporting

Royalty has been a puzzle in the sales industry for too long. iConnect puts the pieces together. Calculate royalties based on revenue or a fixed amount.

Central Management

Manage multiple locations from one central administrative account. All data flows up to regional & corporate views.

Employee Management

Set access permissions, create schedules, manage commission rates, & assign appointments. iConnect gives you the power to manage your employees on the go.

Access Permissions

Utilize access permissions to make sure your employees are always on task & have access to the tools they need. No mistakes, no grey areas.

Employee Commissions & Payroll

Set hourly pay rates, track employee hours, & set commission rates per employee and/or per product or service.

Employee Scheduling

Set & share your employee schedules. Quickly modify their hours from any device.

Offline Mode

Internet down? Don’t worry: the iConnect POS apps allow you to continue running your business offline. When you get back online, all data will be synced to the cloud.

Device Management

Detailed reporting features help you keep tabs on all of your devices that are running iConnect.

PCI & EMV Compliant

iConnect POS exceeds the industry standards for PCI compliance. Transactions are fully encrypted & tokenized.

Accept Credit Cards

Swipe credit cards from your iPhone, iPad, or computer. Maintain your current processor, or use ours for the lowest rates available.

Apple Pay

Stay on the cutting edge of secure transactions with iConnect POS & Apple Pay.

Gift Cards

Sell & track gift cards directly from iConnect at no additional cost. Scan physical gift cards or send e-gift cards to your customers via email.

Smart Reporting

Take advantage of iConnect’s in-depth reporting features to paint a vivid picture of your business’s performance. Stay smart & stay ahead of the curve.

Cloud Data Vault

With cloud security your data & a POS system has never been more responsive or secure than iConnect. Free your business from costly, outdated servers & terminals.


iConnect is localized for many languages & more are being adding everyday! iConnect is the perfect fit for any business, anywhere in the world.

Time Clock

iConnect allows employees to clock in & out, tracks employee hours, calculates payroll, & displays everything neatly in a compact report.

Email Marketing

Keep customers engaged & informed through iConnect’s built-in email marketing. Let them know what is going on at your business! They’ll never miss a deal, & you’ll never miss a dollar.

Text Message Marketing

Connect with your customers in a more personal way with text message marketing. Let them know you appreciate their business with a discount code, or inform them of the latest promotion. It’s up to you.

Push Notifications

Push new deals & specials to your customers’ mobile devices.

Loyalty Program

You appreciate your loyal customers, and so do we. Share the love with our loyalty program & reward your biggest spenders.

Purchase Order & Stock Transfer

Manage your purchase orders & keep track of stock transfers from iConnect’s back office. Stay up to date with your inventory & never be caught off guard.

Master Product Editor

Quickly & easily edit groups of products using iConnect’s Master Product Editor. Simply edit & save. Update product & service data across one or all locations.

Discounts & Promotions

Create discounts & one-time promotions with speed, so you can respond to the needs of your customers.

Receive & Reconcile Inventory

Update your inventory count when you receive items. Reconcile your iConnect inventory with your physical stock to make sure your count stays 100% accurate. Attach a USB barcode scanner to your computer or a bluetooth scanner to your mobile device to speed up the process


Walk-in is a customer-facing feature that allows your customers to check themselves in for appointments. Free up service providers & receptionist for other tasks to increase efficiency.

Product Info

Proudct Info is a customer-facing feature that allows customers to browse a product catalog, email themselves selected items items, & more.


Kiosk is a customer facing unattended checkout feature.Customers can scan items, browse the product catalog, & ring up their own purchases.

Kitchen Display

Send tickets to an iPad mounted in the kitchen so your chefs know exactly what to make. Once ready, tap to complete the item, & its on to the next dish.

Digital Product Catalog

Digital Product Catalog is a customer-facing app that allows customers to check out your product catalog. Load pretty pictures & nice descriptions for aesthetic appeal, & set an iPad stand out for your customers to engage.

ERP Integration

iConnect POS integrates with tier 1 ERP solutions,enabling franchises & enterprises to easily implement & deploy modern mobile technology that connects with existing back end platforms.


The tech wizards at iConnect have developed advanced APIs that make it easy for your own tech wizards to extract the data you need from iConnect POS & feed it to other applications.