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Empower your bakery business with iConnect POS

Arrange and dictate when and where your sales will be. Create a grasping business with iConnect POS. This system was designed to deliver a flawless back end system for any type of bakery.

Promote your dough

Create a fun captivating message for your loyal customers to come shop at your business. Personalize and tailor the message through the iConnect POS system that makes marketing a whole lot simpler.

Categorize your baked goods

Create a smart inventory where everything is easy to track. Find out how much of which product you have on hand. Create easy-to-see labels with the incorporation of the image feature where you can label products with simple images so that employees will never be lost.

Check the reports

See how many baked goods you sold in a day and also keep track of your hottest selling items. You will be able to see which item is doing the best through the span of hours, days, weeks, months, and even years.