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Empower your Fashion & Clothing Apparel Store with iConnect POS

Create awareness to your clothing store and brand with a customizable POS system. iConnect POS is powered to help stimulate growth for your fashion and clothing apparel business.

Show off your product

Demonstrate the hot items of your brand and store with a back office system that highlights your best selling items. Learn what products are moving and what products need some more love. Cycle through your product with a management system that intelligently looks after your store.

Curve their enthusiasm

Personalize emails and text messages to curve a customer’s interest to your brand and store. You can create marketing promotions through iConnect’s marketing system and let all your customer’s know about the hot new item on the block.

Build loyalty

Build a loyal customer base with iConnect’s rewards system. Create and customize a loyalty program for your customers to continuously shop at your brand and store. Draw and build a fan base for your shop.