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Empower your vape shop business with iConnect POS

Create a powerful working business with iConnect POS. This point of sale system was designed to help run, categorize, and manage your vape shop with ease.

Smoke out your products

Create a customized message for you to relay to your loyal customers with an all-inclusive marketing system. You’ll be capable of sending discounts and other promotions via text message and emails.

Bottle up your inventory

Correctly organize your inventory with a capable system. Name, quantify, label, and even add a picture to your products to never forget what certain products look like. This helps every employee remember what and where certain products are placed in your vape shop.

Reward the vape members

Cater a loyalty program to your loyal customers. Create and offer a loyalty system that customers enjoy with the iConnect POS system. You’ll be able to customize and track how much business a customer does at your store.