happy 2016

Preparing for the new 2016 year!

Happy Holidays!

Right now, we are smack dab in the middle of two of the biggest holidays (Christmas and New Years Eve)! We at iConnect want to wish everyone the best and also prepare you for the launch of 2016! And in order to be prepared for the upcoming year, there are a few things you can do to improve and impact your business.

Eyesight for the Future

Create a timeline for your business for 2016. Create goals. Create standards. Create excitement! Preparing yourself and the business for 2016 is a big key in creating a guideline for success. Having checkpoints and goals will allow you to test your business and realistic goals for the future. There are many standards you can set in preparing your business and this is one of them.

Preparing your business to accept all payments

With all of today’s excitement in new payment options, it’s a great idea to be ready to accept all of them. From Apple Pay to Samsung Pay, there are a variety of ways customers want to pay (with security in mind). People are attracted to the latest and greatest forms of technology and that includes payment options.

Mobile payments such as Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and Droid Pay all work through a system called NFC (Near Field Communication) and delivers a unique set of numbers that are encrypted to keep identities safe. So having an NFC reader should be beneficial for your business so you have a less likelihood of turning a potential customer down from purchasing goods/services from your business.

Having an EMV reader should also be considered for variable reasons

  1. Credit card companies are now making businesses and vendors reliable for EMV fraudulent charges IF you don’t possess an EMV reader.
  2. It is becoming highly popular and being able to process EMV chips can pose to be a powerful sign that your business is up-to-date on security and standards.

Preparing your business by accepting most forms of popular payment will definitely have impact in 2016.

Preparing and forecasting the shopping inventory.

Being in the trend is always a good thing. For example, look what Star Wars did. Every company in existence somehow related their business to Star Wars. And guess what, it worked. They made boat loads of money just by somehow affiliating themselves with the Star Wars franchise. Everyone was nuts about getting their hands on Star Wars related things and everyone did a good job. So for 2016, scout out things that can have an impact on your business even if it is an indirect subject.

Some ideas: There are going to be some big franchise releases. They might not be big as Star Wars but you can always cater to a following. Dead Pool looks to be one of the more brighter ideas in 2016. So does Batman Vs. Superman, Ghostbusters, and the new Harry Potter spinoff called ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.’

They don’t all have to revolve around a movie but to capture a majority of audience, it is wise to pick something appealing to a great number of people.

Hope you have a great New Years Eve and we’ll see you next year!

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