The iConnect web POS turns any device into an advanced point of sale. Enhance your administrative features, reporting, and management capabilities.

Point of sale right in your favorite web browser.

iConnect web POS is a seamless web application experience.
So seamless, it feels like native software.

The iConnect web POS dashboard.

Your company at a glance.

The iConnect POS Dashboard gives you a straightforward overview of your company’s most important information. You can quickly view daily sales info and key business parameters directly from the web POS back office. You can also create specific tasks and sales goals for employees. So useful you’ll find yourself setting it as your homepage before you know it.

A cash register in the cloud.

Selling made easy.

The iConnect POS Web Back Office lets you easily ring up customers from any Mac or PC. All sales from mobile devices sync to the Web Back Office giving you the ultimate flexibility to sell and track performance.

Accept any form of payment: Cash, Check, or Credit Cards. You can also enable Store Credit, Gift Cards, and Pay Later. The Web POS cash register allows you to sell rentals & memberships, or place items on hold.

Directly from the cash register you can print and email receipts to your customers. The iConnect POS software makes selling easy!

View and export tickets directly from the Web POS by a specific date range, store location, customer, or employee.

Easily view a ticket, process a refund, or reprint a receipt.

All your appointments in one place.

View all your past and upcoming appointments from any computer with Internet access. Easily edit appointments, cancel appointments, or view appointment details with a simple click of the mouse.

iConnect includes online booking integrated with your website. Allow customers to book online and watch the appointments magically show up in your iConnect booking screen.

Get to know your customers.

Full CRM functionality.

iConnect POS makes customer relationship management easy. Easily view customer contact information, notes, add pictures, find receipts, and view previous or upcoming appointments. Your customer data syncs from any mobile device right to your Web POS Back Office. The built in CRM makes managing your customers info easy.

Build a strong team.

Manage your employees & increase productivity.

The Web POS Back Office gives you all of the tools you need to manage employees. Easily set employee’s schedules, track hours, commissions, and tips Or add an employee across one or multiple locations directly from the iConnect POS software.

Track inventory in real time.

Access & manage your inventory from anywhere in the world.

Quickly add new products or edit existing products in your iConnect POS account. Our web point of sale software simplifies the demand of running your business.

Inventory running low? Create and manage purchase orders directly from the Web Back office. Run a multi-location business? Effortlessly transfer stock between locations. The iConnect POS system makes running your business easy!

It is easy to receive and reconcile inventory with iConnect POS software. You can scan new items with a barcode scanner, or simply type in the additional quantity to keep accurate stock counts.

Marketing for the next generation of consumers.

With integrated email marketing, text message marketing, loyalty program, & discounts, iConnect helps you retain old customers and obtain new ones.

Create custom email templates for appointment reminders and confirmations directly from the web POS back office. Send custom email campaigns to your customers through iConnect with seamless Mail Chimp integration.

Send text messages to customers directly through the web POS back office. Keep in touch with your customers by sending promotions and appointment reminders to the devices they use the most.

Set-up a point-based loyalty program to reward your customers for repeat purchases. You can quickly view customer reward point balances from the web POS Back Office.

Create discounts and promotions for a specific product or service or enable a discount for all products and services. Reward your most loyal customers with special discounts that are only valid for a limited amount of time.

Reports on demand.

Big data at your fingertips.

iConnect POS offers over 55 easy to generate reports. You can access these reports from anywhere, anytime. Report on 1 location or 100. Some of our most popular reports are:

  • Employee commission and time clock reports
  • Best selling items and low stock reports
  • Biggest spending customers and reward point balance reports

Your data how you want it.

Headache-free Importing and exporting of product, customer, and employee data.

Quickly get your account started by importing products, services, employees, and customers with simple spreadsheet templates. The iConnect POS system makes switching from your current POS a piece of cake.

We believe that every iConnect user should own their data to use as they please. Export your company’s data at any time to a basic Excel spreadsheet.

Designed for scalability.

iConnect is built to handle businesses of every size.

iConnect simplifies the demands of running a multi-location business by giving you one interface to track everything. Whether you have 2 stores or 2000, iConnect POS has you covered.

Keep all of your stores linked-up by sharing customers, stock, gift cards, and more.

Infinitely customizable.

Configure your system to fit your needs and the needs of your business.

iConnect allows you to edit our Basic and Advanced settings to configure your account exactly the way you like it.

Choose your preferred payment methods.

Add retention types, booking groups, and assign resources (such as rooms) to customize your booking experience.

Training included.

Save money & time with our simple tutorial videos.

The iConnect web POS app includes several short, easy-to-digest tutorial videos that will help you and your employees become POS masters in no time.

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