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What you need to know about iPad POS and Droid POS device

iPad POS device and Droid POS device

Recently, upgrading to EMV capable processing units have been a hot surge as credit card companies are pushing merchants to be capable of processing EMV chips. While transitioning in this EMV state, merchants are ridding themselves of older register technology. Stores no longer require computers to run a POS system. It can be accomplished through personal and household devices such as the iPad and Android tablets.

While renovating the idea of protective transactions, it’s become apparent to a wide range of people about the flaw of legacy technology. Legacy technology refers to systems of the old and outdated which encompasses more than the majority of merchant users. They are usually stand alone devices that are prone to system wipes and failures.

iPad and Droid devices are able to be backed up via cloud systems like iConnect POS. What this means is that you won’t have to be self dependent when things go into the rough. If any computing POS device crashes, iConnect will be able to recover the last synced memory. It’s a great new piece of technology that can save your business at unreliable times.

Additionally using technology such as the iPad and Android tablet allows you to have a charged device rather than something that is plugged into a wall. This will allow you to safely conduct business even when the power is out.

At the end of the day, your business is the heart and soul of your life. Treat it with respect and create a working environment suitable for any employee/customer to conduct business and transactions at. Why treat your business half-heartedly?

Using the iPad and Android tablet devices will also give you the ability to be truly mobile, having access to conduct transaction anywhere within your business.

As the world transforms, we have to adapt to keep up!

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